Cannabis terpene profiles

As with many other plants, the leaves and flowers of the cannabis plant can also be used Terpenes extract. The many different varieties of hemp plants each have their own terpene profiles, which in their unique combinations offer both characteristic flavors and possible applications.

Scientific research currently assumes that hemp terpene profiles, like all other terpenes extracted from plants, have medicinal properties that, if looked at more closely, like cannabinoids in the body's own Endocannabinoid System (ECS) can work.

With our inhalers and the terpene profiles used in them - which are modeled on the profiles of various cannabis strains - we have tried to 'capture' and reproduce exactly these properties.

Our approach is that we basically want to enable everyone to enjoy the benefits of the hemp plant without consuming any cannabinoids.
From this basic idea, in a first development step, the TerpPens PUR. Filled With 100% natural terpenes from plant material and finely tuned terpene profiles that are in no way inferior to the profiles of real cannabis varieties.

To further round off the overall picture and the so-called Entourage effect In order to be able to fully use the endocannbinoid system, we decided in the next step to also include our aromatherapy inhalers CBD & CBG to offer.
This is how ours arose TerpPens CBD, Filled with 92% of a highly pure hemp full spectrum extract (contains> 50% CBD and ≈10% CBG at <0.1% THC) perfectly rounded off with 8% plant-based terpenes.

TerpPens - aromatherapy rethought.