Common questions

Why is the price of TerpPens CBD a little higher than that of comparable products? 
The high-purity full-spectrum extract we use for the TerpPens CBD contains, with guaranteed over 50%, not only a very high proportion of CBD.
'On top' is also around 10% CBG.
Cannabigerol is relatively expensive to purchase due to its status as a relatively newly researched cannabinoid, but also due to the low availability in the plant and the high cost of extraction. In relation to the price of CBD, a factor of about 1: 7 should be applied here.
But we still rely on the use of CBG, even if this increases the price of our product. Ultimately, this is solely due to the fact that only the very high CBG content in the full spectrum in combination with the terpenes enables the unique action profiles of the TerpPens CBD.

How many inhalations does my TerpPens inhaler hold ready?
When used as recommended, TerpPens CBD lasts around 150-200 inhalations. TerpPens PUR are somewhat short-lived due to their lower viscosity and provide around 100 inhalations.

Do TerpPens make you 'high'?
Neither the TerpPens PUR nor the TerpPens CBD filled with high-purity hemp extract get you 'high'. 
The THC content in the TerpPens PUR is 0.0%. In the TerpPens CBD, the THC content is around 0.1% and thus well below the maximum limit permitted in Germany (0.2%) and the rest of Europe (0.3%). 
However, the subjects of our beta tests consistently reported a noticeable 'surge' of terpenes and cannabinoids in the organism, which, however, is not comparable with the typical psychoactive effects of THC.

I feel an urge to cough after or during the inhalation, am I doing something wrong?
TerpPens PUR & CBD are inhalers that were developed by us for aromatherapy use. Accordingly, you shouldn't use TerpPens like an e-cigarette or a so-called vape pen.
For aromatherapy use, we recommend around 2-3 'non-pulmonary' inhalations every 3-4 hours with a duration of around 1-2 seconds. 
'Non-pulmonary' inhalation means not inhaling the vapor directly into your lungs. With this method, the steam is sucked into the mouth and then slowly blown out again through the nose. The high bioavailability of the terpenes and cannabinoids ensures that they are absorbed by the mucous membranes of the mouth and nose and thus can develop their optimal effect. 
When used properly, there should be no urge to cough.

What duration and frequency of inhalation is recommended?
We recommend 2 non-pulmonary inhalations for approx. 1-2 seconds every 3-4 hours.

In which temperature range do the TerpPens inhalers work?
Our inhalation cartridges work in a temperature range of 180-220 ° C in order to be able to guarantee an efficient conversion of all contained ingredients.

Can I also use batteries other than those offered by TerpPens?
Technically, it works. We recommend using one of the original TerpPens batteries such as the 'PowerPen' for an unadulterated experience. In terms of technical configuration, our batteries are perfectly matched to our inhalers. When using a third-party battery, not only can there be deviations in taste or less vapor development, the inhaler could also be damaged by overvoltage.

Are the terpenes used natural or synthetic?
For TerpPens we only use 100% natural terpenes that are extracted from a wide variety of plant materials such as orange peel, pine needles, pepper, etc.

What should I watch out for when storing my TerpPens inhalers?
We recommend storing TerpPens PUR & CBD as cool as possible (e.g. in the refrigerator but not below 0 ° C), especially if they are not used for a long time, in order to ensure the full aroma over a longer period of time.

A few crystals have formed in my TerpPens CBD, what now?
Due to the high total cannabinoid saturation of the hemp extract used (the starting material has a total cannabinoid content of over 80% with less than 0.2% THC) this phenomenon can certainly occur. The so-called winterization of the extract (dewaxing) ensures that the filling cannot crystallize through. This effect also has no effect on the usability of the inhaler. However, if you should disturb the appearance of the crystals, we recommend warming the TerpPens CBD cartridge lightly and dry (e.g. in a warm car or with a hairdryer). 

My TerpPens PUR has apparently lost part of its aroma, how does this come about and what can I do about it?
Terpenes are highly volatile molecules which, thanks to their small molecule structure, can easily cross the human blood-brain barrier and thus quickly enter the human organism.
Since TerpPens PUR is filled with a mixture of 100% terpenes, prolonged or improper storage (e.g. above 25 ° C) can lead to the so-called 'top notes' of the aroma-giving monoterpenes in the terpene mixture evaporating. However, this loss of the 'top notes' does not mean that the aromatherapy benefits of TerpPens PUR have been lost. Only the perceptible taste becomes a little more neutral. With the TerpPens CBD, this phenomenon, due to the more viscous viscosity of the hemp full-spectrum extract used as a carrier, naturally cannot occur as easily as with the much more liquid fillings of the TerpPens PUR. 

Despite correct storage, my TerpPens CBD tastes a little different than when it was first used, how can that be?
When vaporizing the mixture of hemp full-spectrum extract and terpenes, individual components vaporize a little faster than others. The CBG in particular evaporates a little slower than the rest of the mixture. This can lead to a slight deviation in the original aroma over time, but this has no further effects.

The extract in my TerpPens CBD has turned a little darker over time, is that normal?
Yes don't worry A slight dark color is caused by oxidation processes when using or storing the TerpPens CBD inhalation cartridges. Neither the taste nor the possible effects of your TerpPen CBD will be affected.

Are there any carriers in the TerpPens, as we know them from e-cigarettes or (CBD) e-liquids?
When developing the TerpPens aromatherapy inhalers, we made sure that no carriers such as PG / VG / PEG or MCT oil are used in the manufacture of e-liquids. TerpPens PUR are filled with a mixture of 100% natural terpenes. TerpPens CBD are filled with 92% hemp full spectrum extract and 8% natural terpenes.

There is no more steam when using my TerpPen. The LED in the bottom of the PowerPen flashes during inhalation instead of shining continuously. What happened?
When the LED in the bottom of the PowerPen flashes, the PowerPen's battery needs to be charged. Simply use the supplied USB charger. To do this, remove the inhaler from the PowerPen and screw the pen onto the charger. Then plug the charger into a USB socket with power supply and wait for the charging process to end. The LED on the charger then lights up green.


What is the difference between TerpPens CBD and the CBD e-liquids available on the market from other manufacturers?
TerpPens CBD contain the full spectrum of all cannabinoids that naturally occur in the hemp plant thanks to the use of a highly pure hemp full spectrum extract. CBD e-liquids, on the other hand, are in most cases normal e-liquids enriched with CBD isolate.
Only when using the full spectrum of cannabinoids can the Entourage effect come into full effect.



If you have any questions that are not (yet) answered in this FAQ, please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail to support (at) at any time. We will try to clarify every question as soon as possible.