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04 TerpPens RELAX 50%

04 TerpPens RELAX 50%

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TerpPens CBD, are our inhalers filled with a high-purity plant extract containing > 50% CBD & ≈10% CBG at <0.1% THC. Taste the difference.

Pine - Spicy - Earthy - Citrus Note

Enjoying a relaxed break is simply good for everyone.

RELAX is related to the cannabis variety »OG Kush«, which is said to have mood-enhancing, calming, relaxing, stress and pain relieving effects. 


TerpPens CBD RELAX contains 92% hemp full spectrum extract with> 50% CBD & ≈10% CBG at <0.1% THC. Refined with 8% natural terpenes consisting of a special combination of mono-terpenes such as beta-caryophyllene, linalool, pinene, mentol and nerolidol. 

Delivered without a battery. This is available separately.

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